Establishment of Energy Cooperative Company

After the continuous information of the citizens of Crete on the benefits of renewable energy sources, both for the natural environment and people and local communities, the Orthodox Academy of Crete, Bank of Chania and ETANAP proceed to the establishment of the first Energy Cooperative Company (SA) in Crete.

The international experience to date, since in Europe over 2400 energy cooperatives have been operating successfully, and the economic and managerial experience of these two healthy cooperative actions in the society of Crete, guarantee the success of this new initiative. The signing of the memorandum on the Energy Cooperative Company of Crete (SA), will take place Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at the Orthodox Academy of Crete at 17:00 and Sunday, January 31, 2016 in Kandanos (former City Hall) at 11:00.

The presence of this new activity in Crete will give a different approach to the whole issue of RES and will curtail each malicious and utilitarian action of foreign interests on the island.

The presence of all is crucial for the energy future of Crete, and will also determine the Company’s actions and next steps for the direct interest of the community and the "Cretan public".

We ask all media to broadcast this important economic initiative.