Seminar on Byzantine Iconography at the Holy Monastery of Valamo/ Finland with the participation of the OAC

For the third consecutive time, the OAC received and accepted the invitation to co-operate for a Seminar on Byzantine Iconography at the Holy Monastery of Valamo in Finland. There, the Iconpainter and responsible for the Iconography Workshop at the OAC, Ms Konstantina Stefanaki, taught the theory and techniques of Iconpainting on the wonderful premises of the Monastery, from 20 to 30 January, 2019.

The OAC wishes to express warm thanks to the Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Valamo, Archimandrite Sergei, to the Director of the Academy Ms Pia Houni as well as all the staff members, but also to the participants at this beautiful “journey” to the world of Byzantine Iconpainting. Special thanks got to the Iconpainter and good friend of our Foundation, Mr Alexander Wikström, for all his help and support during the preparation and the Seminar itself.

The co-operation of the Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC) with the Academy of the Monastery of Valamo is going to continue in the near future, as the following Seminar on Iconpainting is going to be held at the OAC in the year 2020, when our Foundation will be happy to welcome its friends, all those who love the holy art of Iconpainting.