Invitation - Information: One-day conference for young people aged 8 to 15 ‘JCrete4Kids’

The use of constantly advancing technology is undeniably a driving force for the development and progress of humanity. However, this incredible technological progress also synthesizes and disseminates information, creating a new way of life, especially for young people. As teachers and as parents, we have an obligation to help our children to understand new technologies and to use them creatively through collaboration and innovation.

For all the above reasons, the Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC) is organizing for the first time in Greece a one-day conference for children and young people aged 8-15: “JCrete4Kids” on Saturday 25 July 2015, from 10:00 to 16:00.

The children who will come with the consent of their parents and will be trained are required to bring their own personal laptop and prepare to:

  • experiment with Lego MX MindStorms, using Java through Lejos and Lego EV3 core education set, in order to create a turbine,
  • learn about Tinkerforge,
  • be taught programming via Scratch, creating their own car race game,
  • learn innovative actions, playing with MineCraft.

The courses will be taught by expert programrs, Greek and foreign, with long experience, who will be at the OAC on the occasion of an international conference, which will be held before the one-day conference.

Participation in the one-day conference is FREE and it is ONLY addressed to young people.

For more information and for registration: 

Program Director, Ioannis Kostaras: [email protected] 

Parents who may wish to receive information about the above one-day conference may contact the OAC: Emmanuela Larentzaki (2824022245). 

The General Director,
Dr. Konstantinos V. Zormpas.