For this world of ours…!

Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC) has been working for the wellbeing of human beings for more than 52 years, for a society without the diseases of prejudice and hate, the wounds of violence and war as well as the manmade threat of the extinction of our whole planet. Today, all of us, everywhere on this planet, are facing the situation and the implications of a pandemic. Our society is led towards deconstruction and, as a result, so are many values that we had held high!

Impacts of all these challenges are fear and the isolation of people, a fact that is worsening the human relations and whatever hardship we need to endure.

However, such challenges can lead us to a closer connection among us, through compassion, kindness, empathy and the feeling of social responsibility, through the love of our neighbor. The ecclesiastical period that we are in, is a period of deep spiritual contemplation. We pray for all those who suffer from the corona virus (COVID-19), for their families and all those who are standing by their side, especially so the doctors and the hospital staff of our country.  We pray that Crete, Greece and all the world may be strong.

Despite the cancellations of its conference activities, the Orthodox Academy of Crete will keep being a place for the dialogue for all people of all beliefs. While our work may pause for the next months, in this difficult time full of uncertainties and fear, the Foundation/s staff will keep working as a force for reconciliation.