Katerina Karkala-Zormpa, M. F.L.E. & ling., M. Theol.

Head of Conference Organization at the OAC

She was born in Volos and she was raised in Kehl, Germany. She holds a Master’s in Theology (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and Linguistics (Nanterre University, Paris), and she specializes in issues of conference organization and interpretation (Mons University/Belgium). She is a conference organizer and a consultant in European and social affairs on the role of woman in society. She was a Vice-President of the Committee ‘Church and Society’ (2003-2014) and the committee for the revision of the articles of association (2009-2014), and a member of the central committee of the Council of European Churches (2003-2009), as well as a co-president of the Ecumenical Forum of Christian European Women (1998-2006). She has served in secondary education and in a conference organization agency in Brussels, while from 1988 until 1997 she was again a member of the OAC scientific staff. She has participated with talks in many conferences in Greece and abroad, and with writings on social, educational and European issues, and in particular: ‘The position of woman in the church and society’, ‘Orthodoxy and the Ecumenical Movement’. She has been a member of the scientific staff of the OAC since April 2014. She is an excellent speaker of German, French and English.

e-mail: [email protected].oac.gr