Dr. Konstantinos Zormpas

General Director of the OAC

He was born in 1959, in Larisa. He was awarded a Degree in Political Sciences (Strasbourg 1981), a Degree in Sociology (Catholic Institute and Sorbonne, Paris 1987) and a Degree in Theology (Theological Institute of Saint Serge, Paris 1987). He received basic and postgraduate studies in the Sociology of Christianity and in Pastoral Sociology. He then attended postgraduate studies at the Theological School of Thessaloniki in the Deparmtment of Ethics and Sociology, where he was awarded his Doctorate in 1996, graded as ‘excellent’. He worked as a scientific associate of the Orthodox Academy of Crete from 1988 until 1999, contributing to the work of the local Church, through the scientific research of theological, social and other ecclesiastical affairs, to the development of educational and training activities, to the preparation and realization of conferences and various inter-Orthodox and inter-ecclesiastical meetings. He has actively participated with proposals and interventions in the course of the European Union, through the various committees of the Council of European Churches, as well as the Council of Europe. He served on the permanent Greek delegation to the European Union in Brussels for educational and ecclesiastical affairs. Among his works are ‘The human value in social utopias’, ‘Europe-Religion-Culture’, ‘Politics and Religions’, ‘Ecological Crisis and Education’, etc.

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